WKPD Upgrades Radios

July 21, 2020

The Waukon Police Department recently completed a radio upgrade at our department following the Allamakee County Dispatch Center switching their communication system from Analog to P25 digital. The upgrade included both car radios & officer portable radios. City Officials allowed us to go beyond the required local digital upgrade and they approved us to purchase tri-band radios which allows us to be prepared for any future upgrades without requiring the purchase of new equipment. Our new equipment allows us to communicate with local entities to include police, fire departments, and ambulance crews, on their respective digital or analog systems. The radios are also programmed and capable to communicate using the State Interoperability System to talk to anyone in the State whom is using the same system. The State Interoperability System uses a series of towers (there are over 110 towers in Iowa) to communicate to locations or regions throughout the state as desired by the officer or user. There are also over 16,000 subscribers throughout the State whom are using this system. We feel that this capability is important as it allows us communication ability with several agencies and officers during our daily operations. This is also the system that the Iowa State Patrol is currently using. During a radio test, we were able to talk to a State official in West Des Moines with high quality and clarity. We are excited for this recent upgrade.

For more information, please click on the following link: https://isicsb.iowa.gov/